Why Black Lives Should Matter to All Long Islanders By: Daniel Lloyd

By: Daniel Lloyd

Founder & President, Minority Millennials, Inc.

I’m seeing a lot of Facebook posts by people I know freely using the words ANIMALS, SAVAGES & COMPLAINERS as well falsely throw around the fact that people are rioting.

Nowhere on Long Island are people rioting. There have only been peaceful and powerful protests. Not one person has threatened or harmed people or reporters. Young people across the Island – from all backgrounds and races –  are stepping up and getting involved. People who don’t necessarily even like each other are coming together to address racism and police brutality. Churches, specifically “white” Christian pastors, are taking inventory of the Racial Divide within Christianity and are actively working to bridge that divide. Shifts are happening.

I am mad, sad, confused, tired, frustrated and so are my brothers, sisters, loved ones, friends, and community. That we are able to show resolve and not allow continuous hate and murder to manipulate us into destructive behavior shows how strong we are. The hypocrisy from people inciting false violence is nauseating and what fuels racism.

Stop allowing fear to hijack this moment of change and accountability. If you’re truly afraid then take a look at why. What’s really bothering you? Why must you resort to violence to justify your fear of change?

Don’t you want to know WHY that police officer didn’t take his knee off George Floyd’s neck? Is it because you know it would never happen to you or yours? Why do police continue to kill unarmed black people? Rinse and repeat for decades. If you are truly scared, then advocate for change and demand change from your beloved police officers. Long Island can’t rally against MURDER but can rally against COVID-19 quarantine? Why are communities such as Massapequa Park and West Islip energetic for battle and creating vigilante groups? Are you upset that we are not actually getting violent, because deep down you know it would give you an excuse to feel good about your distorted prejudices?

We are not giving you that this time. You are going to have to sit and watch. Be mad or join. Nothing you can do will stop this because enough is enough. Long Island is changing and changing for the better. If you don’t get it, fine. You’ll just be left in the past with your self-hate and racism. Black Lives Matter.