Tips to overcome “no” in the work place

April 24th marks the first LiiNCS sponsored Real Estate Luncheon. There were many new faces across the table who gathered for a networking lunch break. Although it was a real estate event, you did find LiiNCS members of a variety of professions crowding the room. Beyond the yummy lunch and network chatter, we created a silence in the room when Asher explained a fun ice-breaking exercise that would go on while we enjoyed our food.
Today’s topics were “how to deal with a no or rejection in the business place” and we explored the many ways to get past the no and look toward to a positive; along with learning helpful tips to deal with the stress that frequently comes along with a “no”.
It was inspiring to see everyone in the room open up and talk about a personal experience where they were faced with this daunting “NO” and some noteworthy tips that we would like to pass along.Here are some helpful takeaways…
“How to deal with rejection”

  • Ask for advice from someone with more experience in the “no” department. They have probably gone through a very similar situation. It’s helpful to relate with them and learn how they overcame it
  • Use your friends as therapists (it’s a lot cheaper) and talking about the subject will help you feel better
  • What you dwell on or think about a lot grows on you, so don’t focus on the negatives because it will only bring you down, focus on the positive so it will help shape your mind into a better mindset.
  • The situation is never as bad as you think (… promise)
  • 9 out of 10 times it’s not a no because of you personally
  • Rejection means you’re doing business, because without a no you wouldn’t be getting anything. Rejection means you are trying hard and good will eventually come

How to cope with the stress that comes along with it.

  • Don’t take it personally
  • Smile (try doing it the whole time you are in the shower)
  • Stay positive
  • Go to the gym
  • Listen to Gary Vee or any other motivating podcast
  • And ALWAYS have faith, love, and gratitude…

Hope this helps you deal with some of the “no’s” you’ll face in business, help you cope with some of the stress in your business life, and makes you realize that you are not alone. See you at the next LiiNCS meeting!”