Chief Marketing Officer

Laura Cheek

Laura Cheek is a social media manager, brander choreographer, and business savvy millennial. After graduating from Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business, Laura bustled her way through freelancing gigs in NYC in the events and fashion industries. During that time, Laura was deemed “the social media girl.” Laura made the shift from “social media girl” to “social media agency Founder” in 2016 after launching Insperience It.

Laura’s business studies and knack for branding allots a unique approach while structuring her clients’ brands. Laura’s full potential is unleashed whilst partnering with brands she adores; particularly die-hard brand storytellers and disruptors.

As a Long Island native, Manhattan moved, Long Island repatriate you can find Laura across the island enjoying food at Long Island hot spots with friends or networking at various organizations’ events.

Laura joined LiiNCS in 2018 as the Marketing Chair because it was the perfect combination of marketing, networking, and making Long Island a better place.