Team Up! It’s May

Did you know that LiiNCS is run entirely by volunteers?  

Our executive committee is comprised of young professionals who represent various industries such as hospitality, finance, technology, and marketing, to name a few. We all share a common passion to lead and motivate.

We asked ten of our team members to weigh in on how they make things work. Here’s what they had to say:

As part of a team, what motivates you to participate? 

“An engaged leader.” –– Chris Fasano, treasurer

“I like working in a team that has different ideas than I have. If a team member has an idea, I and others are able to build on that idea to make it better. Just as if I have an idea, team members are able to improve the idea and maybe make me think of possibilities I never thought of before.” –– Steve Polgar, secretary

“Always the mission and the team’s end-goal. That drives me forward and keeps me involved through the worst of times.” –– Amir Noor, vice president

“I’m motivated to participate because it truly fuels my spirit. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I want to do everything and jump on every idea I have. But realistically, hours and life can limit that. By participating in causes and movements that speak to me, I’m able to satisfy those passions in a different yet highly rewarding way.” –– Laura Cheek, marketing chair

“I believe that a true team is one governed by an idea meritocracy –– arguably the most effective strategy for building a successful and sustainable team, so I’m motivated to do my best to consistently operate in this manner, and I genuinely enjoy learning from my peers.” –– Greg Needle, president


“I think what motivates me is the topic the team is discussing. Additionally, being surrounded by a team of people who have unique ideas can help me think in a different perspective and thus motivate me to bring about new ideas that I may not have had brainstormed without each members influence.” –– Tim McGrath, co-chair, community engagement

When I’m part of a team, I am primarily motivated by my desire to not be THAT GUY, the one who doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain by accomplishing his assignments.” –– Michael Watt, founder

“The incredible things that happen with collaboration.  I think of Jobs and Wozniak in the garage and the information revolution that they made possible by getting the mainstream involved.  We have that power with strength in numbers.” –– Ryan Coyne, chief technology officer

“Propelling others. I work with a lot of nonprofits and small businesses, and I often find that my peers and teammates have great ideas but limited resources to execute them. I’m a big cheerleader for the do-more-with-less philosophy; I like challenging myself to get creative in making my past experiences and connections work for me to carry an endeavor forward for the greater good.” –– June Ramadhan, public relations coordinator

Knowing that productive teamwork can not only produce exponentially greater results but also foster successful professional and personal relationships.” –– Amit Gera, co-chair, community engagement