3 Simple Steps: Habitual Leadership 101

Jaclyn Zepernick is the CEO of Executive Enterprise in Massapequa. This article was posted originally on LinkedIn. https://bit.ly/3j1rxxR

“Most people just accept their teams bad habits and say things like, it is what it is. I can say that because I used to be one of those business owners.” Jaclyn Zepernick, CEO of Executive Enterprise.

We all have things that hold us back from being where we want to be right? Instead of setting yourself up for disappointment in an attempt to go cold turkey, focus on how much control you have over your own personal decision making abilities. Use those mental toughness tools to tweak your teams habits and by default, improve by at least 1% daily.

Use this simple 3-Step breakdown to help take action TODAY!

Step 1: Understanding Winning habits:

Simply put, winning habits are the positive actions that things that you knowyour personal strengths that transform into natural strengths. Your winning habits are what build enough to win in whatever industry you’re in. Think of the bad habits that hold most people back: Disorganization, lateness and laziness. These lead to the route of the issue, which is an overall lack of motivation.
Will power is a muscle, not a skill. You must rip and tear it to get stronger!
40% of your daily actions are done subconsciously. (habitual)
Sub conscious triggers – actions without thought based on your daily habits.

2. Instill Habitual leadership:

Starting from the top, review and dissect your team roll call. Give each person 1 to 2 key responsibilities to give 100% of their efforts into. This removes emotions and distracting thoughts.
“For every single play, I just need you to focus on _______.” Doing this makes you and your team more efficient – no thoughts, all ACTION.
“If everybody just does their job, we’re going to win this game together.” When everyone is on the same page, your team operates like a machine; no thoughts, all ACTION.

3. Create Your Personal Action Plan:

Make one little change at a time. ex. wake up 30 minutes earlier.
Write out to do list every night and attack in the morning.
Take care of your mind and body. ex – ample sleep, fitness, eat well.
Repeat for 21 days in a row, those actions form your new habit.