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Our mission is to cultivate a platform for Long Islanders looking to better their community and careers through new connections, professional development, civic engagement, and social impact.

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LiiNCS is a Long Island-based 501c3 nonprofit association. We are committed to improving local communities through personal and professional development. We share a commitment to cultivating an environment that encourages action in leadership, social awareness, and civic engagement in areas affecting the future of our community.



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By Charles Goulding & Preeti Sulibhavi Millennials are drawn to consumer-centric furniture websites that deliver in days – not months. The largest generation in U.S. history, Generation Y likes options; some websites will mail samples and offer free shipping and returns. With advantages such as cutting out the middleman, these direct-to-consumer furniture companies are revolutionizing […]

By Kerrian Fournier | June 11, 2020 It’s human nature to want to be liked. I get it. You want to fit in and get along with your coworkers. You don’t want to come across as argumentative or uncooperative. From a young age, we’re taught “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it.” […]

Hello everyone! My name is Brandon Gidicsin. I am pleased to be apart of the Liincs organization. My line of work is commercial real estate sales. However, I love to travel in my free time. With that said, my area of focus regarding the Liincs organization is: Long Island tourism and leisure. Long island is […]

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SOURCE: BY: Greg Needle, LiiNCS President The Long Island Association’s recently released study on millennial household formation may be troubling, but it does not necessarily spell impending doom for the region. As noted in the study, the population of 25- to 34-year-olds (millennials) was 18,000 higher in 2016 than in 2010. That’s because smart, hard-working […]

MLC discussion on housing Dozens filled the recently-built Greybarn apartment building’s cozy, hip lounge for The Millennial Leadership Coalition’s “Evening Discussion on Millennial Housing on Long Island,” on Oct. 30 in Amityville. Definitely a hip topic, but not cozy, was the frustration about Long Island’s housing challenges. Watch the video above to rich discussion. Three presenters shared […]

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