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A membership to LiiNCS can help boost your career.

We facilitate connections and design programs to guide young professionals as they strive to become better individuals, citizens, and leaders. Take advantage of the opportunities to further your professional development by applying for membership today.



Ready to join?


Forge new connections

LiiNCS members are the next generation of leaders on Long Island, who create and enjoy unlimited opportunities to collaborate, inspire others, and ignite change for the greater good. Our members are between the ages of 22 and 35, and represent a diverse array of professions, interests, and social backgrounds.


Experience Long Island

Our group organizes and hosts over fifty events per year and partners with other organizations to engage our community in existing efforts. 

Learn without classrooms

LiiNCS develops and hosts exclusive educational offerings for young professionals. We assemble thought leaders and distinguished professionals from all over Long Island to share focused insights, incubate skills, and provide mentoring services to our members.

Boost your resume, without a job hop

Take advantage of our many opportunities to gain experience beyond your job. Apply new skills to civic engagement opportunities or participate in organizational advancement by joining a volunteer committee. Earn public recognition, LinkedIn endorsements, and letters of recommendation for your portfolio by getting involved.

Give back to local communities

Get engaged with the local community and strengthen your network by taking advantage of our curated volunteer and community service assignments that are both fun and rewarding.

Distinguish your career by earning recognition

Get noticed – and rewarded – for participating in organizational and community stewardship projects.

Stay informed

Stay in the loop on what you need to know about what’s going on around Long Island. Get member scoop on everything from environmental concerns, the political landscape, things to do, upcoming events, and more.

Work hard, play harder

Show some team spirit and enjoy exclusive offers on recreational events across Long Island when you participate as a member. Receive insider offers on dining, experiences and more with your LiiNCS membership.

Be a trailblazer

Want to contribute on a greater scale? Join a LiiNCS committee and help shape the future of Long Island.